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Britain's Missing Top Model (2011)

Britain's Missing Top Model (2011)

(December 25, 2011) Britain’s Missing Top Model. Design by Bronwyn Lloyd (Auckland: Pania Press, 2011)

Britain's Missing Top Model
I've only got one hand I'd like to be a fashion model Trying on her jeans she finds a rip on the morning of her interview with the Agency This day can only go uphill from here heroic nervous to the point of near-paralysis she manages to smile at the brusque no-nonsense manager embrace the team sit quietly while they critique her 32 23 35 (too hippy) 23 (too old) & then debate her fate cries when they say they'll represent her I need to tell my Mum (23-7/5/11)

For Jack. Mosehouse Studio (15/12/11)

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