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Lounge Room Tribalism (2011)

Lounge Room Tribalism (2011)

(October 9, 2011) Lounge Room Tribalism. Collage by Graham Fletcher. Design by Bronwyn Lloyd (Auckland: Pania Press, 2011)

Lounge Room Tribalism
(for Graham Fletcher) Faux sauvage that was the term we coined for our in terior design phi losophy unholy amalgam of Gauguin & Magritte a strictly rational naïve té subord inated to the cor ridor that you can't take beside the window look ing out on that wild lawn (21/1-8/2/11)

Graham Fletcher: Untitled (Lounge Room Tribalism) (2009)

Bronwyn Lloyd: Cut Outs. Mosehouse Studio (10/10/11)

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