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Except Once (2012)

Kirsty Black: Except Once (2012)

(July 13, 2012) Except Once. Korero: Poetry / Art Collaboration with Kirsty Black. Curated by Siobhan Harvey & Melissa Elliot (13 July - 2 August, 2012). (Howick: Uxbridge Creative Centre, 2012).

Except Once
– Aren’t I always nice to you? – Except once. (Overheard in the Massey @ Albany Refectory) tap’s still dripping, diesel generators roar in shop doors, no money rolls in, lumps of old essay sag in plastic bags – I type out texts from Penguin Books of European Verse. The water’s too cold for swimming. Focus on externals: tick of death in Irene’s stomach, Miriel’s scorched flesh, brain-clots and blood-diseases, Julian’s sister killed on Saturday night – I like to see the islands in the gulf, driving down the long hill, ships floating down the sky. (17/3/98)

Korero. The Imaginary Museum (13/7/12)

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