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I ♥ NZ

Mairangi Bay Beach (2012)

I ♥ NZ
– Bumper-sticker

love is not love
which alters when it alteration finds
beach-shelf eroded, Richard III gulls
in paroxysms of unholy rage.

We walked here barefoot
before the tar, swam here before
the sewerage outlet, sand-fought
by that wall.

Today I’m pelted by the wind,
“The Caribbean, boys, in full roar!”
Two kayakers

are dumb enough to try it.
Brown sturdy girls
wade bare-legged through the surf.


  [evasion 1 [Flint 2] (2000): 15]

Carl Barks: The Flying Dutchman. Uncle Scrooge #25 (1959)

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