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Minotaur (2008)

Minotaur (2008)

(November 6, 2008) Minotaur: A Translation of "Laberinto," by Jorge Luis Borges (Auckland: Pania Press, 2008)

There’ll never be a door. You’re stuck inside. These sunken casemates are the universe, all the universe of signs: forward, reverse, no centre to the web, no world outside. Don’t think the insane precision of your game, monotonously counting every turn, monotonously counting every turn, will save you. The result will be the same. Stop looking forward to the bloody charge of the beast who is a man – who is your double – whose shadow punctuates this seamless puzzle of rubber walls contracted to a cage. He isn’t there. You’re fucked. You’d better learn not to expect the dark thrust of his horn. (12-18/12/97)

Bronwyn Lloyd: Minotaur. Pania Press (23/10/08)

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