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Ice Road Trucker (2015)

Ice Road Trucker (2016)

(August 28, 2015) Ice Road Trucker. Design by Daniel Fyles (Ashhurst: Fyles Web Design, 2015)

Ice Road Trucker
The engine cut out halfway down the off-ramp just as the lights turned green ease up onto the shoulder now put on your hazard lights said Bronwyn we went for help she left me at the service station when I got back to the car a cop was there a bus had clipped a ute just down the street I needed that like a hole in the head he said the towie was a wiry older guy who hoisted up the car quite effortlessly as we bounced around the cockpit of his truck I thought now I know how it feels to drive a big rig across the ice-fields my alter ego CB in hand can of Jim Beam between the legs horizon pewter-grey (7/2-30/3/15)

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