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1942 (2016)

1942 (2016)

(December 25, 2016) 1942. Design by Bronwyn Lloyd (Auckland: Pania Press, 2016)

The picture is sepia-toned like the not-too-far-distant war the need to stay silent at mealtimes so her father can hear every radio news report the need to pose paramount in the stiff lines of this schoolgirl reaching out a tentative hand to the strangest of beasts in the latter stages of dementia my father removed her photos replacing them with snaps of his militaria I don’t think she understands what we see in this picture the meekness before authority the gentleness of the pose the dark fringe of trees in a faraway world where my mother has just been told to pretend to feed a wallaby (17/9-4/12/16)

Bronwyn Lloyd: Jack's Christmas Special. Mosehouse Studio (22/12/16)

Harry Flockton Clarke: June feeding a wallaby (c.1939-40)

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