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Emma Smith: Drawings from Celanie (2012)

[cover design: Ellen Portch / Cover image: Emma Smith]


Poems & Drawings after Paul Celan

by Jack Ross & Emma Smith

Afterword by Bronwyn Lloyd


by Emma Smith

Portfolio 1:

I did not see my tree again


the almond tree

Green Light

must hang around that head

Youyou teachyou teachyour hands

on the news-red bollard

much hissed at Justice


fans your tongue with light

Portfolio 2:

black backed gull

Four lines, here, tonight on the lime

Arrow sister the barn swallow’s

You have the right to one tree

Due to the limits of light

only sharp light can help

except his birthmark-mottled secret-stained skin

ArrivalSurvivala beetle spots you

You gainheight

Along the bank

© Images: Emma Smith (2012)

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