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The Britney Suite (14)

Who is Wendy Nu?
Wendy Nu is a dreamgirl. Literally. She came to me in a dream, up near Spirits’ Bay.
Or rather, in the dream I heard other people talking about her – she never actually appeared.
That morning, when I woke up, I got two poems: not in my manner, I thought, but hers.
Later, I began to get some images of her: dark, perhaps Chinese? – serious, successful, driven – an artist drawn to extremities, and kitsch. Her obsession with pop-cult campiness (
The Partridge Family, Peter Pan) is a bit out of my vein, though I can see where she’s coming from.
She came into this poem, jostling for space with Britney Spears.
Only Celan proved too tenacious to dislodge.

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