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Ode to Aphrodite

[Martine Rhyner: "Aphrodite's Lateness"]

for Bronwyn

In spite of having poignant
Delirium and high surroundings
Father your daughter flees
Heart bring them back quickly

I hear you / Your Zeus
Of offering agile
That you darken yourself
Anxiety of intrigues

That which loves you will arrive
Because wings must
I only accept that
For your not you / Who?

Run she called
Fortunate to to / so well
That accomplished the
Never heart moment

Obtain if sparrows
Accomplished earth fullstop
Immortal with bitternesses
Of gold sky

Don’t welcome in
Immortal listening
Twirling this between again
Reason hatching then

Suffered from it
From the ally leaving
Venerable and me
The ether-making anguish

Face of handsome she
All Sappho desires
She precipitated


Deliver me

[Cassiopeia (Palmyra)]

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