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Sappho to Anaktoria

Some say the finest sight
on this black earth is men on horses
others foot-soldiersothers
fleets of ships
I say
it’s the one you love

How can I make that clear
to you?Helen
who’d watched so many hunks
march by
chose the one
who brought the topless towers down
gave up her children
her home
to follow him

A woman must bend to circumstances
focus on the present with a smile
you hardly seem

although she’s sitting beside you
to notice her
whom I prefer
to Mayday parades of tanks
goose-stepping infantry

I know that in this life
we can never reach
the pinnacle of our desire
surely it’s better to cherish
what Fate has given us
than to neglect her?

1 comment:

Ilena Georgina Annastas Williams said...

ohh this is the translation form the original "SOME THERE ARE WHO SAY THAT THE FAIREST THING SEEN..." ryte?/...ii juz really love greek literature...part greek myyself...im from the Annastas familyy...iLy♥